Taylor’s campaign to cure ALD


Hi, please donate to help find a cure for ALD, the disease that took the life of my dad when I was five, and also took the lives of my uncle Jimmy and my friend Matthew Gagliardi.

 I am participating in a fundraiser, Bowl for ALD, on Sunday March 29th in order to raise money for ALD research.  Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) is a rare, genetic disease which attacks the spinal cord and white matter of the brain. All of the proceeds benefit the Kennedy Krieger Institute, a non-profit hospital dedicated to treating, preventing and ultimately curing ALD and other neurogenetic diseases. Please sponsor me for the event so I can raise $500 for Run for ALD, Inc.  So far I have raised $200. If you would like to contribute to my cause, click on the donate button below.  Please note that your name may appear on my website listing of generous donors shown below unless you check the "Anonymous Gift" check box when donating.  

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    $200 Raised

    Goal: $500

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